Meet the


Vince Ward

Managing Director

Vince has a keen interest in design for impact. He tends to focuses on the why, and the who of any design challenge. His experience extends to the public, private and academic sectors, starting his career in education. On the weekend, you can find him digging records or trail running.


Alison Barracluff

Senior Designer

A seasoned design professional with a penchant for creativity, innovation and perfectionism. Alison has worked as both a developer and designer for the best part of a decade. Her knack for creating value is as unique and detailed as her Wikipedia deep dives.


Ionut Nechifor

Visual Designer

Ionut is a graphic virtuoso and a nature lover. He transforms ideas into visual poetry. Beyond pixels and vectors, he moulds emotions with colours. Ionut's creative odyssey began as a quest to bring stories to life, infusing every project with a touch of magic. He envisions a world where aesthetics speak volumes.